Are Video ads slowing down your websites and apps?

Video ads have been go-to-choice of advertising for publishers , but choice of video network can make or break your readership

3rd party video ad-network don’t care about your site performance or page load time, which impacts your direct traffic which in-turn affects your revenue.

M360 Video Ads are designed and rendered for performance, because unlike a 3rd party script, they are:

  • User friendly: Template is merged into website UI
  • Speed friendly: No extra JS or tags or SDK
  • Revenue friendly: Are 100% viewable
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3rd party video ads take 2.3 secs extra to load making websites slower

M360 Video Ads via Colombia are able to fit in the website layout and are optimized for view-ability and rendering, making your users engage with the ads.

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While 3rd party video Ads slow the website as it is flagged by Google for a 3rd party script here taking 2.13 secs extra to download unwanted scripts

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Ability to optimize Video Ads serving are just one of the offerings within the feature-laden M360.

You can read about entire M360 offerings here.

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