Is your publishing platform reducing your Google-products friendliness?

If you had been following the news around user experience last year, one of the biggest factor impacting search ranking will depend on how your website loads in terms of user experience.You can check out your site score by putting your domain URL here. You can read about Web Vitals here.

“Google says Core Web Vitals scores will be considered across every page, and will be a ranking factor in its Top Stories feature. While relevant quality content will always be the most important, the page experience ranking is now a make-or-break metric for your site’s survival.”

We made a recent improvement in our rendering stack in current release that saw major jump in Core Web Vitals Score publications. Now, we are heading towards ensuring our publishers get Core Web Vitals score higher than any platform in the market. This is also enabling better ad view-ability to ensure better page RPM.

Typical Reasons for poor Core Web Vitals scores:

1) 3rd Party JavaScript tags for ads and analytics – Taboola, MGID, Adgebra, Outbrain etc worsen the page loading experience

2) Heavy video player JS is one the major negative factors in Core Web Vitals.

3) Slow CMS with a lot of plugins. Typically open source and Custom CMSs rely on 3rd party scripts for push notifications, analytics and custom widgets, which slows down the web performance.

For Publisher owners that are looking to grow their business, M360 has almost everything that they need: CMS, Google AdX, Newsletters, Website Hosting, Direct Ads, Push Notifications and much more. Also, better Web Core Vitals for their publications from their previous systems.

Our teams work closely with existing M360 publishers to help them increase their web core vitals on M360.

Reach out to us at to get started with M360.

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