M360 Push Notifications to augment your revenue and user engagement with much more control

When we talk to publisher owners, one of the biggest things they want to increase for their web portals is repetitive direct traffic. We recommend to them that push notifications consisting of content or customized message is the best way to achieve direct loyal readership.

Push Notifications are also a great channel to gain revenue due to higher CTRs and eCPMs.

For Publisher owners who are looking to grow their business, M360 has almost everything that they need: CMS, Website Hosting, Native Ads, AdSense Optimization and Google AdX. One more thing that publishers get with the subscription is the comprehensive M360 Push Notification tools that provides:

  • Native Ads through push
  • Back-filled by premium ad networks
  • Publisher Direct Ads through push
  • Direct Traffic boost by paid push notification to all M360 publishers*
M360 Push Notification
M360 Push Notification

One of our publisher saw 20% increase in Avg. Session Duration through push notification channel after movement to M360.

Push Notification Performance
Push Notification Performance

There are a lot push notification providers in the market…. list is huge. They are great products but with M360 you also get control over your loyal readership and its monetization while sharing latest content right from CMS. Plus tremendous reach through push-notification paid campaign across 500M+ users M360 network.

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