Navigating the Revenue Challenge: Google’s 52% Projection and the Redemption of Direct Ads on the M360 Platform

In less than 20 months, Google will be blocking usage of 3rd party cookies by ad-networks on Chrome, following the lead of other popular privacy-friendly browsers like Firefox and Safari. You can read Google blog post here. A excerpt from the blog:

“Traffic for which there was no cookie present yielded an average of 52 percent less revenue for the publisher than traffic for which there was a cookie present. Lower revenue for traffic without a cookie was consistent for publishers across verticals — and was especially notable for publishers in the news vertical. For the news publishers in the studied group, traffic for which there was no cookie present yielded an average of 62 percent less revenue than traffic for which there was a cookie present.”

In addition to economic impact due to COVID-19, this will lead to 3rd adnetworks like Taboola, Outbrain, MGID and others showing:

  • Reduced fill rate
  • Lesser CPM
  • Higher Page load time to mine more data from browsers

So, if you are using JUST adnetworks for your monetization, you revenues will decrease and you as a publisher owner, will have to find other ways to maintain your revenues.

Question: So what is the way forward?

Direct Ads

A few formats on M360 that works best for our publishers sourcing direct ads.

Page Push Down
Page Push Down
Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Reducing dependency on ad networks and establish direct connection with advertisers and agencies to source direct ads. We at M360 believe that Direct Ads, sourced by the publisher themselves, is the best and most reliable revenue source that will help offset loss of network revenue. We also spoke about the same in our latest webinar.

Comparison between different publisher types

For ads and content personalisation, M360 engine runs on multiple targeting parameters that negates the excessive dependence on 3rd party cookies:

  • First party cookie based targeting
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Contextual
    and much more..

So, this ensures that Direct Ads perform and give highest CTRs and eCPMs for our publishers, thereby offsetting loss of 3rd party network revenue.

Ability to place direct Ads are just one of the offerings within the feature-laden M360.

You can read about entire M360 offerings here.

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