Direct Ads Unveiled: A Strategic Path to Predictable and Scalable Revenue

How a sports portal made 3x more revenue by using M360

Publishers have to be self-reliant as far as revenue making is concerned. While there are a lot of options for choosing your ad-networks, the yield(page eRPM) from those ad widgets is dependent on a lot factors that make revenues from ad networks unpredictable and not scalable . Same is the case with aggregators that do revenue share with publishers. The revenue share tends to vary from publisher-to-publisher, with very little control of publisher owner over the ad-monetization possibilities.

These problems are even more prominent in the COVID-19 pandemic. We addressed that in our recent webinar. You can read about it here.

What is the permanent solution then…?

Answer: Direct Ads. Direct Ads are directly sourced by the publisher owner from local or national advertisers or agencies for a particular advertising goal. Here there is no revenue share hence higher revenues for the publishers.

Same is what our M360 publisher, The Swag Sports, did.

After moving onto our M360 platform, The Swag Sports, sourced a 720×90 leaderboard banner under Menu Bar.

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BeBarter leaderboard ad under the menu

As a result, the publisher saw 160% lift over monthly revenue. That is 2.6 times the ad network(Colombia) revenue.

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We haven’t mentioned actual revenue.

M360 platform helps you place most engaging formats on Desktop, MWeb and applications, that drive higher CPMs than any ad network widget.

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Page Push Down(PPD)
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MRec Expando
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Carousel Ads
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Video Ads

Direct Campaign creation is just a few clicks and depending upon your advertiser’s marketing goal, you can choose your marketing objective to configure the campaign.

After campaign completion, you can download a very comprehensive report from M360 panel that you can share with your advertiser or agency for repeat orders, hence more sustainable revenue that can be grown.

Ability to place direct Ads are just one of the offerings within the feature-laden M360.

You can read about entire M360 offerings here.

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