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Increase Revenue through Waterfall for your ad stack

We find the biggest reason why Publishers are not able to scale AdSense Revenue 100% Fill Rate -> Low RPM No matter how many ad requests you fire off to AdSense, they will always send back an ad creative. Those … Read More

Build loyal mobile audience via PWA

Consumption of content on mobile is way higher than any other platform. Even more so for native applications than on browsers. So, it makes sense for publishers to invest in providing native experience to their users. But traditional app installs … Read More

Content Promotion for direct traffic growth

Modern digital publishers are always looking for growth opportunities to build a loyal user-base to sustain their businesses. There are a lot of options to choose from, however it’s imperative to decide which growth channel gives the sustained growth with … Read More

Google estimates 52% loss of revenue for publishers relying on 3rd party ad-networks by 2022

In less than 20 months, Google will be blocking usage of 3rd party cookies by ad-networks on Chrome, following the lead of other popular privacy-friendly browsers like Firefox and Safari. You can read Google blog post here. A excerpt from … Read More

How M360 is helping publishers increase their AdSense revenues

M360’s AI Engine helps you optimize content to get higher value from high paid keywords based AdSense Ads Underneath M360 runs a state-of-the-art AI and NLP engine, that helps in determine what keywords are more valuable in terms of content … Read More