M360 platform is built for providing seamless content and ad rendering experiences, removing unwanted tags or SDKs on the websites, making each advertising slot more effective than traditional CMS systems. Thereby publishers see a lift in page ad yields and higher user engagement.

Lesser 3rd party tags > Better site performance > Better Ad Viewability = More Revenue $$

Primarily, publishers can make revenue in four ways:

  • Publishers get a revenue share from ads run from ad networks aggregated by us on the server-side and Google Ads on the page. Typically revenue is credited 20-22 days after completion of the month.
  • Publishers can also place direct ads ONLY through our platform to run campaigns for their advertisers and agencies. Revenue earned through direct ads is completely kept by publisher. The publisher can subscribe to our Workstation to help them optimize their direct campaigns.
  • Placing of any 3rd party tags for ads or live widgets reduces site performance significantly (Read FAQ #1). So if you have a preferred ad network, we can help activate them server-side for additional revenue. The site and ad performance cannot be guaranteed by placing client-side JS tags by the publisher.
  • Publishers can also place their content behind paywalls: Freemium, Metered or Hard Paywall. Publishers get the revenue share from subscriptions for their content. M360 helps you manage and scale these paid subscriptions.

Please see the pricing page here

After paying for an appropriate package, we will activate your login to the platform to begin your website migration and filling details for your onboarding. Ideally, a website should migrate, for free, within 4 days if all details provided are complete and correct.

Your company or individual details for revenue payouts, content feeds for the existing site, DNS, and Social Media logins. That’s pretty much the requirement for a typical existing site.

We have a wide variety of themes for your website. We suggest the best suited as per your primary requirement: higher engagement, higher revenue, high traffic, fast loading, etc.

You will use the M360 platform to create content. You can also plugin standard content wires for pre-created content to either auto-published or auto-saved.

No, but we recommend you onboard editors with caution. They are the ones responsible for the content.

M360 provides the option to promote content across its network to drive high-quality direct traffic to your website. This has worked wonders for publishers looking to grow their traffic to the next level and retain a loyal user base.

We will onboard that news agency for your dashboard. 

Yes, we can migrate content from your WordPress server to our server as part of the migration. You will have to use our platform for content writing henceforth.

We migrate all assets: images, videos, gifs, and audio along with textual content as part of the migration.

Please read our blog post here on that.

We redirect traffic from older URLs to new URLs, so there is absolutely no impact on your SEO or traffic from any environment where old URLs are present. If you see any impact in traffic post-live, we help you address the gap in multiple ways.

Our platform is designed to keep your site up with 99% uptime. Our server serves content and ads to the largest publishers in the world like Times of India, Cricbuzz, and others. We feel your site is in safe hands. If your traffic increases, we just ask you to upgrade your M360 subscription as per the package description.

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