Increase Revenue through Waterfall for your ad stack

We find the biggest reason why Publishers are not able to scale AdSense Revenue

100% Fill Rate -> Low RPM

No matter how many ad requests you fire off to AdSense, they will always send back an ad creative. Those ads also come with a very low price tag, so while your site might have a 100% fill rate, the CPMs for your advertisements are likely very low. High Fill and low CPM means low overall revenue yield. 

Solution: M360 Waterfall

At M360, we have created an advertising stack where Google’s premium demand – AdX(now available on M360) is back-filled by our premium network Colombia for display unit. This “Waterfall” is a highly effective way by which we increase M360 publisher’s overall advertising revenue while keeping fill rate 100%.

M360 Waterfall -> 100% Fill Rate -> Highest RPM

M360 Waterfall
M360 Waterfall

Advanced Solution: M360(Header Bidding +  Google EBDA)

For our large publishers(>30M monthly page views), we enable our header bidding stack which is slightly more complex in setup and becomes part of our Custom pricing with workstation subscription. But worry not, we are working to enable that for all our M360 publishers, stay tuned. Until then, use our “Water Fall” stack to maximize revenues.

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