Empowering Publishers to Soar: A Success Story with M360

M360- gives publishers the platform to catapult into another level

Every now and then, we get a publisher that hits all check-boxes of what we want an ideal publisher to should be doing to grow business. We get humbled by their success on M360 and want to share the same with the our publisher community.

The publisher in this case did everything right on M360 and saw meteoric rise in their revenue and page views. What they did:

  • Shifted to M360 hosting
  • Used M360 CMS for publishing
  • Removed unnecessary ad tags, used Direct Ads
  • Used content promotionon M360 to scale traffic
  • Worked closely with our Customer Success Team to scale
  • M360 push notification for loyal direct user base

Publisher reduced page load time on M360

M360 provides seamless page loading experience for users. Below this Tamil Publisher saw drastic improvements in page loading time with 65% reduction in page load time.

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Lesser tags on the page served via M360 hosting

They saw meteoric rise in Page Views and every critical GA metric; 260% lift in PVs, 20% Avg Time on Page

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And, the best part they saw page RPM jump to 62 INR from 20 INR

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Please note that this performance happened because of all the underlying performance improvement mentioned

We have a lot publisher owners working with us on M360 to scale their business when they follow all enhancements we recommend on M360 platform. This collaborative effort is where our publishers are at an advantage over their peers.

You can read about entire M360 offerings here.

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