Maximizing AdSense Revenues: A Deep Dive into How M360 Empowers Publishers

M360’s AI Engine helps you optimize content to get higher value from high paid keywords based AdSense Ads

Underneath M360 runs a state-of-the-art AI and NLP engine, that helps in determine what keywords are more valuable in terms of content creation by running multiple A/B testing, regression and transformer models.

Our Engine determines keywords that can drive high paid keyword traffic from keyword-based ad-networks like Google AdSense. A few examples are:

  • “Work from home”
  • “Gold Price”
  • “Invest in Real Estate”

Our publishers on M360 get prepared content in their newsroom, like a news wire service, to write and promote articles and slideshows on high-value keywords. An example below:

As a result, they see great increase in their AdSense eCPC by 175%

This graph is our Tamil Publisher, different from article example shown

Ability to optimize AdSense is just one of the offerings within the feature-laden M360. There is layout optimization that is also done which we will cover in our separate blog post.

You can read about entire M360 offerings here.

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