Building Loyalty on the Go: The Power of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for Mobile Audiences

Consumption of content on mobile is way higher than any other platform. Even more so for native applications than on browsers. So, it makes sense for publishers to invest in providing native experience to their users.

But traditional app installs via Playstore and Appstore is VERY expensive, where app install marketing costs + app developer costs are way-way higher for any traditional publishing business to invest money on.

At M360, we have built a working solution over Google’s Progressive Web App(PWA) plus our premium ad monetisation solution to provide our publishers with native apps and do not incur costs to develop applications.

Advantages of PWA(on M360):

  • PWAs count towards SEO: Better search rankings
  • M360 ads have higher CPM on PWA: At scale, this results in app-like revenues for the publisher
  • With PWAs you are not dependent on app stores: User search, social media, newsletter, push notifications to get PWA installed.
  • PWAs have a “lower usage threshold”: The advantage that PWAs do not have a high threshold for being put into use
  • PWAs are cheaper than other apps: Because content only needs to be produced once, it saves time and money compared to creating content separately for iOS, Android, and a website.
PWA app install
PWA app install for M360 publisher
PWA app monetisation
PWA app monetisation

If you are already an M360 publisher, just right to our support email, our team will help you get started with M360 PWA. If you are interested to shift to M360, reach out to us at to get started.

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